Will Bausch


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about will

William Bausch was called as part-time Campus Associate at Reformed University Fellowship at Rowan in August of 2022. In January of 2024, he transitioned to the position of Campus Assistant when Jonathan Hatt came on as Campus Minister. This fall, he hopes to begin attending Covenant Seminary, with the eventual goal of becoming a full-time Pastor.

Will serves at RUF along with his wife, Sara. They have four children–Autumn, who is 19 and attending RUF; Emmaline, 16; Silas, 12; and Harrison, 8. He is an elder at Mercy Hill Church, which is within walking distance of Rowan. He is also a full-time English teacher at Lenape High School, and Sara is a full-time homeschool teacher. Will and Sara live in Elk township, two miles from the campus of Rowan University.

Will and Sara met at Rowan, and, through Sara, Will began to attend a Christian group, Rowan Christian Fellowship (which, unfortunately, no longer exists). This is where Will first heard the good news of the Gospel! God used this time at Rowan to bring Will to Himself, so it is especially exciting to think the same thing could happen to many other Rowan students through Reformed University Fellowship–perhaps several times over during the next few years or decades!