Sam Kennedy


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about sam

Sam is a Wilmington local, a Tarheel fan, and a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. In 2009, he was married to Shaunna in a sunny cove outside Asheville NC. He and Shaunna have two children, Gus and Hattie, who love getting to know college students! Sam became the RUF Campus Minister at UNCW in the fall of 2019 after serving on staff with Young Life and Christ Community Church in Wilmington.

The Kennedys love everything about the UNCW campus-- from the skateboard racks at the dining halls, to the way that flip-flops are considered appropriate attire at the most formal campus events. Sam’s other favorite things are making noises on his guitars, surfing, skateboarding, and sampling the wares of Wilmington’s many coffeeshops.