David Birnie


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about DAVID

David and his wife Krista are excited to return to Stanford to continue the work that God has been doing through RUF. They met through RUF at Stanford University when David was an RUF intern and Krista was in grad school. David is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell seminary as well as Wake Forest University, where he was first introduced to RUF.

Born in California, David has lived all over the country, including Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, and now back to California. David loves being outside, particularly when he gets a chance to play golf, go hiking, or ride his bike. Friendly competition is always welcome, so challenge David to a little game of cornhole, spikeball, ping pong, or a new game, and he will almost certainly always take you up on it.

David and Krista got married in 2010. They have three kids: Annika (2014), Micah (2017), and Nate (2019). Each one is an absolute delight, and they are all excited about meeting more students at Stanford.