Noel Coppedge


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about noel

As native Texans, Noel and Emily grew up in Austin. Noel attended Trinity University in San Antonio, graduating with a degree in Psychology in 2022. Noel and Emily got married in December, 2021 just before he graduated. Soon after, they moved to Columbia, South Carolina for his internship with RUF International at the University of South Carolina. Over the next two years, God grew Noel and Emily in community and faith. God drew Emily to glorify him in her work as a veterinary technician and drew Noel to glorify him in his continuing work for RUF International. Noel began his Masters in Divinity through Covenant Theological Seminary's remote program in 2023, and is excited to continue his studies alongside family and work in the years to come. They left South Carolina to go back to Texas in 2024 with a growing family. Their first child, baby boy Ezra, was born in October, 2024!

They are happy to be back in the Lone Star State, in the weird city of Austin, loving and serving their international friends at the University of Texas. In their spare time, Noel and Emily love watching movies, playing board games and card games, hosting friends, and playing with their many animals (the dogs are named Shark and Toast, the cats are named Pirate and Mimosa, and their snake is named Monty Python). Noel also loves playing sports and Emily enjoys crocheting and other arts and crafts.