Megan Terrell


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about MEGAN

Megan is from Greenville, SC and attended Clemson University for undergrad.  There she met her husband, Matthew, while getting her bachelors degree in Psychology.  After graduating and getting married they ventured out of the South to go to seminary in St. Louis, MO, where she earned a MA in Educational Ministry.  Megan and Matthew moved to Birmingham after completing their respective seminary degrees so that Matthew could begin working with RUF at Samford University.  Four years and three kids later, they moved their family to NYC to continue working with RUF in a new context.  While NYC is very different from anywhere Megan has lived before, she has grown to truly love it and feel at home there.  When she is not at one of the many wonderful playgrounds with her kids, Megan enjoys running along the Hudson River  and visiting the local coffee shops for a delicious and possibly overpriced cappuccino.  When she is not out and about, Megan enjoys sitting down with a good book- she recently finished Liturgy of the Ordinary and Educated, and has plans to reread the last book in the Harry Potter series in the near future.  Megan is thrilled to officially join the RUF staff in NYC after years of volunteering with the ministry, and looks forward to mentoring and discipling students to a deeper understanding of and relationship with Jesus.