Maggie Aldin

Campus Staff

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about MAGGIE

Maggie was born and raised in Athens, Georgia! Her love of Georgia football led her to the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!!). She graduated with a degree in Human Development and Family Science in 2019. After graduation, she moved to College Station, Texas, to work as an intern on the A&M campus. She enjoys coming alongside college students as they begin to navigate life on their own, and helping them find Christian community on campus. Maggie is excited to continue working with RUF as Campus Staff at Samford.

Maggie spends much of her free time on long walks with her dog Wren. They both are happiest outdoors! She enjoys cooking, especially anything involving sweet potatoes. Maggie is very competitive, but lacks the athletic ability to win most of the time. Lastly, she is on a mission to find the restaurant with the best veggie tacos!