Kathleen Chitty


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about Kathleen

Kathleen grew up in the heart of Orlando, Florida. She got plugged into RUF at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) during the first week of her freshman year, and her life was forever different. It was through RUF that she began to experience the transformative grace of the gospel in new ways--grace she loves getting to share with Stanford students. After graduating with her Bachelor's in English in 2014, Kathleen worked on staff with a church youth ministry for 5 years. While Kathleen loved working with middle school and high school students, she has enjoyed her transition to the West Coast and now working with college students.

Kathleen loves everything about warm weather and has loved living in the Bay Area since 2019. She loves coffee, a good podcast, card and board games, all things cooking and baking, and taking her dog, Ruth, for scenic walks.