Wes Calton


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about wes

Wes is excited to call Fort Collins home. He grew up in a variety of places in the US, mostly the Carolinas and Georgia along with a few stints in Pennsylvania and Kansas sprinkled in, but has always loved the mountain west. With interests in mountain biking, skiing (or one planking), hunting, fishing, and just being outside, it’s not hard to guess why. But he is especially humbled to think that Jesus would call a messy sinner like himself into his kingdom and invite him to share that good news at Colorado State and to help serve the community of RUF at Colorado State. Wes is down to try just about any sport or hobby but also loves to drink good coffee and eat good food while meeting with old friends or making new ones.

Prior to coming to Fort Collins Wes served as the campus minister for RUF at Kennesaw State University for nine years. Wes graduated from Davidson College for undergrad and went on to Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC for his M. Div. He married his middle school sweetheart, Kelly, in 2009 (not in middle school at that time) and they have 4 kids, Walker, Pack, Whit, and Ann McClain. Not only does the whole family enjoy things like biking, skiing, and the outdoors, but they also love having students in their home for movie nights, dinners, and tagging along with RUF for conferences and events.