Jacob Lee


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about jacob

Jacob was born in Philadelphia (Trust the Process) and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia. He attended the University of Virginia and then worked for RUF at VCU. For three years he worked with students at VCU and developed a love for relational ministry. During this time, he met his beautiful wife Allison. They were married for his last year of RUF in Richmond and moved to St. Louis to begin at Covenant Seminary. Allison worked as a Physical Education Teacher in the city of St. Louis and helped to support Jacob as he attended school. All three of their children were born in St. Louis but are thriving as Lowcountry transplants: Hewitt ('17), Annie Drew ('19) and Salem ('21). Allison and Jacob are thrilled to be with RUF at the College of Charleston.

Allison and Jacob love to cook and eat food and can't wait to share this passion with college students at CofC.