Way Rutherford


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about way

Way was born and raised in Meridian, MS, and attended Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) in Oxford from '96-'00. After graduation, Way worked for three years at Christ Presbyterian Church in Oxford with Junior and Senior High. Married to Amy Davis in 2002, Way and Amy moved to Jackson, MS, to attend Reformed Theological Seminary and work with Senior High students at First Presbyterian. After graduation in May of 2007, Way and Amy moved to Louisville, KY, to begin RUF at the University of Louisville. On June 27, 2008, the Rutherfords added their first child, Miles, to the family. Exactly two years and four months later, on October 27, 2010, their second son, Davis, was born. Then almost exactly two years and four months later, on February 26, 2013, they welcomed their daughter, Lucy, to the family. The Rutherfords moved to Waco, TX, to do RUF at Baylor University in June of 2014.